Building Planning Team

Bernabi's Planning Team which is made up of teachers, staff and parents have set three goals for the building to work towards this year.  These goals align with our district's mission statement and strategic objectives.

2018-19 Strategic Goals are:

  1. The Bernabi learning community will ensure a sense of wellness by creating an atmosphere that supports the social/emotional needs of all faculty, staff and students.
  2. Bernabi faculty and students will explore personal interests and meet their learning needs through blended learning approaches and the continued application of 21st Century Skills.
  3. Bernabi faculty will focus on increasing behavioral supports in an effort to achieve the District's Mission and student achievement targets.

Specific details and actions on achieving this plan may be found at this link. If you ever have any questions about these goals or anything at Bernabi please contact me at

•    Ray Rossiter--Reading
•    Kara Frisa-Grade 4
•    Tom Burger—Grade 3
•    Bri Eason - Special Education Teacher
•    Tammy Lopatka—Grade 5
•    Laurie Scutella—PAC rep.
•    Deb Ferris—Support staff
•    Ben Hays--Parent
•    David Caiazza—Principal

Please click on the following link to learn more about Bernabi Building Planning Team:

BPT Minutes March 6, 2019.pdf
BPT Minutes January 9, 2019.pdf
BPT Minutes December 12, 2018.pdf
BPT Minutes November 14, 2018.pdf
BPT Minutes October 11, 2018.pdf
BPT Minutes September 13, 2018.pdf