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Friday, September 18, 2020

Bernabi parents--your kids are AMAZING!  I was thinking that the transition back to school would be challenging, and while I don’t want to downplay some very real hiccups, they’ve truly got this down!  I also know that this isn’t by accident, and means that you have been supporting them, preparing them and YOU did a great job--thank you!

With respect to any of those hiccups, worries or frustrations, allow me to give you an up-front assurance: there is nothing to be worried about if this week was overwhelming.  There is no expectation that our teachers, our students or our parents have perfected a brand new system, and if you didn’t get to everything—let it go and move on!  Next week will be here soon and we will try it again!

Adjustments on our end: I received a lot of feedback this week and want you to know that my teachers are working extremely hard to respond.  When it comes to all things related to supporting your child’s at-home learning (remote and hybrid), start by checking out the weekly calendar your teacher(s) have provided to you.  This will outline what your kiddos need to do each day, including when to zoom for classroom and for specials.  It will also point you in the direction of when you need to access Schoology, Seesaw, Zoom or any other digital learning platforms.  Coming home today or yesterday is a specials outline sheet that will help immensely, and classroom calendars moving forward will now include letter days for specials, with a link to the specials area Schoology course.

Adjustments on your end: My office received a lot of calls this week, many of which needed redirection.  As such, I want to help you find the right person for the right question.  See below.

Attendance: For all at home learning days (whether fully remote or hybrid-at-home days), you need to “check in” through the Infinite Campus portal.  See below for instructions.

  • When your child has a ‘Virtual’ or Remote learning day, and won’t physically be in the building, parents will need to ‘check-in’ with the teacher on behalf of their student. Once logged in to the Parent Portal, click on the ‘Today’ link located in the index on the left-hand side of the screen. Next click the ‘Check-Ins’ Attendance Link, which is located in the center of the screen. It is here that parents will be able to click on the blue ‘Yes, Student is Here’ button to indicate the child is participating in school for the day. If there is more than one K-5 student in the family, please change students by using the dropdown in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • To report ANY absence, whether in school OR at home, you need to call the attendance line at 349-5450.

Schoology: If you have a question about your child’s Schoology courses, please contact the teacher responsible for that course.  For example; math would be the classroom teacher.  Art would be the art teacher, etc.  For access to all staff e-mails, please use our district directory here.

Infinite Campus: If you have a question about Infinite Campus portal, backpack or anything specific to your IC account, please contact Charles Ocasio at 349-5152.

Technology: If you have a question about technology, meaning your laptop or any usernames/passwords, please contact the technology help desk at 349-5106.

At the end of an amazing and exhausting week, I want to say thank you for your feedback, your support, your patience and your grace as teachers are working harder than ever to ensure that student learning in school AND at home are both fantastic experiences!  

David Caiazza

Important Contact Info

David Caiazza
Mr. David Caiazza, Principal

Main office: 585-349-5400
Attendance: 585-349-5450
Nurse's Office: 585-349-5451

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