Teacher Directory

Welcome to Bernabi. Below is a list of our teachers by grade level or subject area. Please visit the respective teacher's Schoology page for specific classroom updates  at this login or to contact a teacher.

Cyber security for school districts has become a larger concern as cyber-attacks on school districts have increased across the country. In order to help protect SpencerportCSD, we have removed the vast majority of email addresses and the staff directory from our website.

If you cannot find a teacher or contact in Schoology, please reach out to the main office. Thank you for your understanding!

Mrs. Angie


Mrs. Aloisio
Mrs. Bender
Mrs. Sage
Mrs. Ophardt (K-2)

  Second Grade  

Miss Everett
Miss Rockoff
Mrs. Vissa

  Fourth Grade  

Mrs. Meyers
Ms. Hopkins
Ms. Palmateer

  Special Subject Areas  

Art: Mrs. Jacobs
Library: Mrs. Yu
Music: Ms. Hebbard, Ms. Swarthout
Phys Ed: Mr.Burry, Mrs. Pindroh
Schoolwide Enrichment: Mrs. Gurz

  First Grade  

Mrs. Kyser
Miss Pierpont
Mrs. Ziemba

  Third Grade  

Miss Chuttey
Mr. Ewanow
Mrs. Frisa

  Fifth Grade  

Mrs. Caparco
Mrs. Castellano and Mrs. Wilson
Mrs. Magliocco
Miss Kazdan (4-6)

  Student Support  

Consultant teachers: Mrs. Heath, Mr. Rennie, Mrs. Wilson
Math: Mrs. Hurley, Mrs. Casler, Mrs. Pino, Ms. Riker
Reading: Ms. Gorski, Mrs. Neusatz, Mr. Rossiter, Mrs. DeAngelis, Mrs. Ferguson
Occupational therapy: Mrs. Brown
Physical therapy: Mrs. Johnson
School Counselor: Mr. Shufelt
School Psychologist: Mrs. Brien
Speech/Language: Mrs. Bohn, Mrs. Borrelli, Mrs. Kellogg