Building Planning Team

Bernabi's Planning Team which is made up of teachers, staff and parents have set three goals for the building to work towards this year.  These goals align with our district's mission statement and strategic objectives.

2021-22 Strategic Goals are:

  1. Our school community will reimagine daily operations in support of reopening safely, ready to support students' academic and social-emotional learning needs.
  2. Our school community will identify, explore and celebrate students' personal interests.
  3. Our school community will apply its use of data driven decision making to identify and address gaps of learning created by the global pandemic, and hybrid/remote learning plans.

Specific details and actions on achieving this plan may be found at this link. If you ever have any questions about these goals or anything at Bernabi please contact me at [email protected]


  • Kevin Mantell - year 2 of 3
  • Elizabeth Gurz - year 2 of 3
  • Gina Caparco - year 3 of 3
  • Lindsay Acey- year 3 of 3
  • Tammy Lopatka - year 1 of 3
  • Laurie Palmateer - PAC rep, year 1 of 3
  • Julie Gilliard - support staff, year 1 of 3
  • Leigh King - parent
  • David Caiazza - principal

Bernabi Building Plan Team Minutes 9-14-21.docx
BPT Meeting Minutes 10-7-21.docx
BPT Meeting Minutes 12-15-21
BPT Meeting Minutes 1-12-22.docx
BPT Meeting Minutes 2-8-22.docx
BPT Meeting Minutes 3-15-22..docx
BPT Meeting Minutes 4-15-22.docx